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To all my fellow watch collectors out there, as you know we live in this golden era of watch blogs where thousands of people are writing about designer watches informing us about each and every minute detail of old and new watches. Amongst many mediums which keep us informed, one famous and commonly used medium for watch experts is a blog. These watch blogs are a source of information, education, and entertainment for all the watch lovers who can not get enough of the information about every feature of their favorite watch.This article intends to provide a list of the best watch blogs which offer more than enough information about watches to keep you hooked up on this article and give up your favorite tv serial.

ABTW is run by Ariel Adams and his team and they have been producing excellent content about designer watches since the time the internet was introduced! The content produced is in the form of articles and videos. Go check out their blog and enjoy an extensive variety of watch reviews and related content. Also, make sure to read a few of the comments posted on the blog which are equally entertaining as the blog articles themselves!

One of the oldest and most impressive blogs to be available on designer watches has to this one! It is so famous now that it has become a complete household name now. It is so famous that even the ones who have zero interest in watches recognize this blog because of its presence absolutely everywhere. Hodinkee guys made their way from watch nerds to tastemakers (as quoted by the famous magazines and newspapers).