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Top Swiss Movement Designer Brands Watches For Ladies.

For a long time the bulk of the knowledge and discussion surrounding watches both new and old occurred on online forums. These poorly designed (at least in retrospect) but functional websites were an informal venue from which a large amount of knowledge could be gleaned. But they weren’t necessarily user friendly. In some ways, you had to already know what you were looking for in order to really learn much about the top desginer watches world. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

A handful of great blogs have emerged in the past five to ten years as the primary source for news and information about everything related to horology. Feature articles written about the history of rare references, news about upcoming auctions, and lists of the top designer watches all populate the pages of these websites. While there are a few that stand out as being truly the most impressive – Hodinkee in particular – there are a slew worth keeping tabs on. We’ve assembled them all here in our roundup of the best watch blogs.

Since 2007 the team behind A Blog To Watch has focused on the world of top designer watches. Once a small, general interest website, they’ve grown to become one of the highest trafficked watch publications in their space – and that isn’t by mistake. They produce thoughtful, well researched content that is a joy to peruse through whether you’re a die-hard watch nerd or just casually interested in new releases. One of the unexpected joys of A Blog To Watch, though, isn’t the content produced by their writers – but the comment section. Their dedicated readership offers funny, cutting, and sometimes brutal critiques and insight.